Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Martha Stewart is a horrible person to work for

Who would wan't to work for Martha Stewart? I know I certainly would not.

Business Insider has compiled a list of stories from sources close to her, detailing how difficult she is to work for.

Such stories include her canceling a deal with Macy's hours before it was announced, and she instead went with J.C. Penney, needing to be personally involved with every item that bears her name and invoicing her former best friend for her expenses on a trip to Europe.

She has also created what can only be described as a hostile work environment with those who work closest to her.

I could understand if a handful of the antidotes were true, as I'm sure there have been challenging times dealing with any CEO. But just the wide nature of the stories and the sources they come from, tell me there is a terrible culture associated with Stewart.

Most people that work close to her must be doing it for other reasons. Perhaps the pay is good, or they are using it as a stepping stone to another position within another company. Maybe they have become accustomed to her outbursts and have just learned how to roll with the punches.

But I would be pissed if I worked for someone, who after a significant amount of work, came in and blew the whole project up at the last second because it was slightly the wrong shade of green. However, knowing what I know about her, I would never apply to work for her. Plain and simple, she is a bully. There are many companies out there who's CEOs know how to treat their employees well. Those are the companies I want to work for.

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